Sound Proofing India

Soundproof windows FAQ

How do I make my windows soundproof in India?

The best way to soundproof a window is to replace with a new window as the soundproof glass is thicker then standard window glass , the same cannot be fixed on existing window frame as it needs a thicker frame too.

How to make windows soundproof cheap?

Cheap glass with cheap aluminium can help in reducing the cost but will not be good for long run and also wont be as effective in blocking sound.

What is the cost of soundproof windows in India?

Soundproof windows cost between 650/psf to 1500/psf in Mumbai as of 2023

Are soundproof windows 100% soundproof?

Sliding or openable windows are never 100% soundproof. Fixed windows can be upto 100% soundproof.